Monday, October 31, 2011

Taken from today's USA Today College article:

How not to be the ugly American student when you study abroad
By Katie Mussman

So you’re going on a field study or study abroad? Congratulations!

You’re in for a treat, but don’t be saying bon voyage too quickly. While educational trips abroad can be very culturally enriching, there are several steps that a student must take to ensure smooth and safe travel while representing their universities.

A lot of students think about seeing the Mona Lisa or drinking a beer legally. What most students do not think about as they move in and out of the United States is that they are representing their university and their country as a whole. It is important to make a good impression on everybody and crucial to make smart decisions, from obtaining traveling documents early to respecting cultural norms and laws.

The most important part of preparing to leave on your study abroad is...[read more]

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